Tue, 21 Mar 2023 05:02:21 +0000


Legal Info


This policy is aimed at identifying transactions related to the financing of terrorism, money laundering, as well as other illegal activities. To determine such transactions, WE-CHANGE.ONLINE exchange service uses the GetBlock service. If the AML risk for a transaction exceeds 70%, the service reserves the right to:

- Suspend the transaction;
- Request from the user a photo or video with a document confirming the identity of the user (Selfie);
- Request from the user a Screenshot from the personal account of the wallet for withdrawing cryptocurrency;
Block the account and any operations related to the user, transfer it to the controlling financial activities and / or law enforcement agencies at the place of registration of the Service;
- Hold the user’s funds until the incident is fully investigated;
- Return digital assets only to the details from which the transfer was made or switch to other details, after a full check by the Service’s security service, if it was possible to verify the legal origin of the user’s funds;
- Hold the user’s funds until the incident is fully investigated;
- Request from the user other materials and documents related to the exchange.

If the user does not provide the requested information and does not respond to service requests within 6 calendar months, the withheld funds will not be returned.