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Site administrators and owners can participate in the WE-CHANGE.ONLINE Affiliate program

For become a Partner:
- signup at the we-change.online site;
- choose a banner;
- place a banner or link on a website, blog, etc.;
invite clients using a referral link, which can be obtained during registration and at your Client Area (Account).

Placing a banner on the site, sending a link gives you the opportunity to create your referral downline and make a profit from them. Your referrals will be users who have clicked on your site on a banner or used your personal referral link to go to the we-change.online resource, who have carried out transactions on our service. From each transaction, you, as a member of the affiliate program, receive profit. It is calculated from the amount of income received by the service. For different affiliate levels, a certain percentage of deductions is provided. It is calculated by the volume of completed transactions.
The level definition uses the following formula:

Total Volume = Personal Volume + Referrals Volume

0 0 - 99 0 0
1 100 - 999 10 10
2 1000 - 9999 20 20
3 10000 - 49999 30 30
4 50000 - 99999 40 40
5 100000 и более 50 50

A client referred by a partner may not register. But if there is a technical possibility to identify a connection with you, the client will be considered attracted (determined through a cookie stored on the client side at the time of the first transition to the Service website from the Partner's website).

Our Affiliate program is attractive in that with the growth of the number of clients attracted by you, your profit grows not only quantitatively, but also as a percentage of the volume of operations performed by attracted clients.

We offer cooperation to all Internet resources. There is no ban on advertising giveaways. But you can make a profit only for operations performed using the service. For clicks on links, the payment of income is not provided.